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What do executives say about you behind closed doors Learn to become a positively perceived leader

What do executives say about you behind closed doors Learn to become a positively perceived leaderWhat do executives say about you behind closed doors Learn to become a positively perceived leaderDo you have a good sense about what is said about you behind closed doors? When your boss, your bosss boss and other key executives in the organization are sitting down and discussing you, what is the consensus? Is it positive? Is it negative? Are you credible? Confident? Respected? Reliable? If you look around the table, how many are blank faces? Blank faces are people who dont know you and wouldnt know what to expect if you were given an opportunity.Its important to know how you are perceived by others in your organization. In my presentation, The Importance of Having Positively Perceived Leaders, I explain how to build and develop your perception, and how to cultivate and maintain a positive outlook on your skillset.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreBy activelyinfluencing how others perceive you, you can enhance your access to new opportunities. If youre looking to manage how you and your accomplishments are viewed, start by following my steps below, and plan how you will change what is being said when youre not in the room.1. Seek out advocatesThink about who in your organization already knows you and can speak to your work and your reputation. Will they speak up when you are being discussed? The most obvious candidate may be your boss, who has a more detailed knowledge of the work you have done and the success youve had in your current role. Be koranvers your advocates speak highly about your work, but also know your aspirations. When opportunities arise, they can put your name forward.Your boss is key, but dont forget others you have worked with, both within and outside your business group. Be sure to maintain those relationships on both a casual and professio nal level, as those other players too may be your advocates.2. Get to know more peopleImagine there are 10 people sitting in a room at your organization. How many know you and your work? One? Three? Five? The more people know you, the more voices there are to speak up or weigh in on your behalf. Others who arent sure might not speak or could actively advocate for another candidate rather than back you and your unknown reputation. Make the effort to be seen and heard by more than just the small circle of your team or group stand up, speak up, be heardand be remembered.You do great work, so dont be afraid to make sure others know how well youve done and what youre capable of achieving.3. Dont forget the organization as a wholeWhen youre getting to know people, and making sure they know you and your accomplishments, dont only focus on senior managers and the executive. There are many people in your organization who those other leaders will look to for opinions - who will they consult with about you and your reputation? Make the effort tofoster and maintain that positive perceptionof your work with your colleagues, your employees and all the influencers and decision makers with whom you come in contact.How you are talked about outside those closed-door meetings is important, too if someone doesnt know you well, they may take the advice and opinion of someone they trust who does. Cast your net wide whenmanaging your perception, because it all may matter.When youre ready for that next step in your career, and youre looking for a new opportunity in leadership, dont forget thatperception is a critical part of managing your successalong the path. Dont become a hidden leader whose potential remains untapped and overlooked just because your talents werent known. Its up to you to make sure that when people sit down to discuss you, there are no blank faces at the table, and as many as possible will speak up on your behalf.This article originally appeared on SmartBrief.

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JOLTS Report Update

JOLTS Report UpdateJOLTS Report UpdateMay job openings were little changed from April at 7.3 million. The number of workers who were hired fell, and there was little change in the number of people who quit or were laid off. Here is a summary of key data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics just-released Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS)Job openings 7.3 millionPeople hired 5.7 millionPeople who left their jobs (total) 5.5 millionPeople who left their jobs (voluntarily quit) 3.4 millionPeople who left their jobs (layoff or involuntary reason) 1.8 millionPeople who left their jobs (retirement or other reason) 310,000Hiring managers continue to face a highly competitive market for top job candidates, many of whom receive multiple offers. There are more vacant positions than unemployed people in the U.S., making hiring even more challenging.In a survey of senior managers, 20 percent said their biggest hiring hurdle was asking the right bewerbungsinterview questions. Here are some tips to help you get more out of the interview questions you askPrepare for a phone interview like a regular interview. Ask strong phone interview questions to determine which candidates are worth bringing in for a sit-down interview. You cant afford to waste time with a candidate who doesnt meet your qualifications.Ask interview questions that touch on technical and soft skills. At the in-person meeting, your interview questions should help you understand if the candidate has the skills to do the job and will be a good fit with your existing team.Understand the different types of interview questions. If you dont know the difference between closed- and open-ended questions, or when (and if) you should ask outside-the-box questions, youre not ready to interview.End the interview well. Make sure you end an interview on a positive note and let the candidate know what happens next in the process.Finally, if youre a first-time hiring manager, here is some job interview advice ju st for you.

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ENFP Personality Type - Your MBTI Type and Your Career

ENFP Personality Type - Your MBTI Type and Your CareerENFP Personality Type - Your MBTI Type and Your CareerENFP stands for Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perceiving, and it is one of 16 personality types assigned to individuals after they take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Career counselors and other career development specialists use this personality inventory to help clients choose careers and make other employment-related decisions. The code stands for an individuals preferences- the way he or she likes to do certain things. Carl Jung, a psychiatrist, was the first person to identify ansicht 16 personality types, and later Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers developed the MBTI based on them. Being an ENFP makes you different from someone who is one of the other 15 types. Not only do you prefer to energize, perceive information, make decisions, and live your life differently, but the combination of these preferences also sets you apart from others. The unique ness of your personality type is what makes specific careers and work environments more suitable for you. E, N, F,and P What Does Your Personality Type Code Mean? Lets take a closer look at your personality type. What does each letter mean? E (Extroversion) You have a preference for extroversion (sometimes spelled extraversion). That means you are energized by other people or by external experiences. You like interacting with others.N (iNtuition)You use more than your five senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch,and taste) to process information. You also have a sixth sense, called intuition, on which you rely heavily. It means that you dont need physical evidence to know something exists. You know its there even if you cant hear, see, smell, feel, or taste it. Intuition allows you to consider future possibilities and ultimately take advantage of them. F (Feeling) You tend to make decisions based on your feelings and personal values. Your strong feelings about something may prompt you to move forward without fully considering the consequences. Your sensitivity to the needs of other people makes you a caring person who likes to help others.P (Perceiving)Having a preference for flexibility and spontaneity means planning isnt your thing. This contributes to one of your greatest strengths, but also one of your most significant weaknesses. Adapting quickly to changes is no problem, but meeting deadlines can be challenging. Realizing your preferences are not set in stone is essential to your ability to adapt to a variety of situations at work. Just because you prefer to do something a particular way doesnt mean its the only way you can do it. For example, you can occasionally work independently even though extroversion is your preference. You should also note that your preferences may change throughout your life. Careers and Work Environments That Are a Good Fit for Your ENFP Personality Type When choosing a career, make sure it is a good fit for your personal ity. It must also be compatible with your valuesandinterests,and take advantage of your aptitudes. A thorough self-assessment will provide all the information needed to make an informed decision. All four letters in your personality type are significant, but when it comes to choosing a career, your focus should be on the middle two letters, in your case N and F. Occupations that involve developing and implementing new ideas take advantage of your ability to look toward the future. Take your values into consideration as well, since your preference for Feeling (F) indicates that you like to take them into account when making decisions. Here are some careers that are a good fit for ENFPs Customer Service RepresentativeTravel AgentMarketing ManagerPsychologistDietitian/NutritionistSpeech PathologistOccupational TherapistTeacherSocial WorkerLibrarianUrban PlannerMarriage and Family TherapistMental Health CounselorWriter/EditorTV ProducerGraphic DesignerPublic Relations SpecialistNews Anc hor The Bottom Line When evaluating job offers, take into account your preferences for extroversion (E) and perceiving (P). Since you get energy from outside sources, look for a work environment where you can surround yourself with people. Dont forget your preference for perceiving, which means you enjoy flexibility and spontaneity. Look for jobs that dont emphasize strict deadlines. Sources The Myers-Briggs Foundation Web Site.Baron, Renee. (1998)What Type Am I?. NY Penguin Books.Page, Earle C. Looking at Type A Description of the Preferences Reported by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Center for Applications of Psychological Type.Tieger, Paul D., Barron, Barbara, and Tieger, Kelly. (2014) Do What You Are. NY Hatchette Book Group.

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The Basics of Medical Assistant Resume Objective That You Can Benefit From Beginning Immediately

The Basics of Medical Assistant Resume Objective That You Can Benefit From Beginning Immediately If youve been in the workplace for some time, you could be unsure how to compose a resume. The critical strengths at the start of the resume are the locations that Steve wants the reader to concentrate on since they review his experience. Its possible for you to incorporate the skills gained in your short-term work like externship. Relevant interpersonal skills would be convenient. The Fight Against Medical Assistant Resume Objective It is very important to try to remember that caregivers have certain criteria to judge whether they want to continue to work for you later on. You have to know your own limitations so as to deal with yourself and continue being healthy for your patients and colleagues. Read examples of health assistant resume objectives. Patients are often scared, especially children, and may have to ask the exact same questions again and again. How to Get Started with Medical Assistant Resume Objective? Resume keywords can be hugely important and are an important part of expert quality resume wording. The resume wording ought to be employer-oriented so he knows what you could do for him. As soon as you have positive responses from the references, youre ready to begin. The standard of your resume is a significant determinant of success when trying to find a job. The primary purpose of a resume is to present an easy and brief overview of your pertinent skills education work experience and strengths that enables the hiring manager to generate a prudent decision in selecting. So at the right time of recruiting they also check if youre goal oriented. The aim of your resume is to secure you the interview. If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Medical Assistant Resume Objective Even for those who have no medical experience, mention something that closely about the job requirements. Tailor your health care assistant resume s kills by highlighting abilities the specific job posting is on the lookout for. Therefore, it is crucial to build as impressive a resume as possible before searching for a permanent job. In reality, if you prefer to occupy in work in the health care field, you will need to use different action words than a particular person who is aims at work in the sales sector. In most instances, job hunting involves a great deal of waiting. Make certain that you get the info youre looking for. Read tips and job interview and find the job that you desire. As you start searching for jobs as a medical assistant, bear in mind that success is dependent on your capacity to research. Medical Assistant Resume Objective for Dummies Moreover, in the event the hiring managers want experienced data clerk entry with a specific software program, mention that in your health care assistant resume, trying to be as specific as possible. Update Your Old Resume It isnt tricky to acquire lax if youve been at exactly the same job for many decades. schwimmbad tracking of work hours is also a huge no-no. The reply is 6 seconds for the very first pass. Medical assistant is a significant portion of the medical fraternity. A health assistant is a fundamental part of a clinical team, performing duties to aid doctors and nurses. Your health care assistant resume is the very first thing a possible employer will appear at closely. The very first senior medical assistant resume sample indicates the ideal skills. Medical Assistant Resume Objective Understanding how to obtain medical and office supplies might also be required. The Medical Assisting field is just one of the quickest growing professions in the nation. You may speak about your previous experiences like your core assisting jobs and education at the peak of your resume. Most education programs provide classes in a few of the specialized areas of the health care industry. Choosing Good Medical Assistant Resume Objective Rec eptionist position you want. Virtual Assistants can on occasion be a little too presumptuous in regards to. Recruiters utilize software to locate the resumes theyre searching for. The Medical Office Assistant program is intended to give the student the knowledge and techniques necessary for entrylevel work performing the administrative and clinical functions of a health assistant.

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Up in Arms About Linkedin Logo for Resume?

Up in Arms About Linkedin Logo for Resume? You also have to ensure that youve got an expert photo and a superb quantity of connections. In addition to that, you receive the free resume fonts and icons you see here so you will be able to produce something similarly brilliant. If you find the below logo, it will merely take up space. If you upload a bigger size image, it is going to be resized to fit. So, here are four essential differences which you should understand before you even consider nichts voning copy-paste. This way, youll stick out in the correct ways. On account of the huge difference between both tools, they continue to be useful in various ways. You need a fantastic LinkedIn page that draws attention, says the appropriate things, and aids you really connect with the folks who will be able to help you expand your career. Expressing your vast array of marketing skills ought to be down throughout your resume. You want recruiters and hiring managers and HR people to get in touch with you so you may show them you are a true person who you can ask questions and make an excellent impression when engaging in human contact. Some experts are simply attempting to fret too much. You ought to make absolutely certain that there are not any errors. If you can place a number to your social networking efforts, your resume will stick out in comparison to others. Your activity on social networking impacts whether youll get work. Give us an opportunity to explain to you how enjoyable the resume creation procedure can be, especially when all you need to do is settle back and relax. The recent U.S. professional standards do not ask you to include things like a photo on your resume. 1 important section of your resume is undoubtedly the section in which you list your abilities. Some career experts will tell you that you ought to never, ever set your photo on your resume. Icons make it simple to concentrate on each individual resume section. In some i nstances you might have a gap of a month or two or more between leaving a job and receiving a new job. Putting your anthroponym on your resume isnt as easy as it appears. If youre searching for work, thats vital. Ensure you didnt miss whatever could cost you the job that you dream about The Key to Successful Linkedin Logo for Resume Prospective employers are able to at a glance, visit LinkedIn to find out more about you and your abilities and qualifications. Job seekers should incorporate an assortment of recommendations with their profile to demonstrate that others respect the standard of their work. It can also assist you in regards to applying for jobs and responding to listings featured on the website. Over 300 Successful customers. Where to Find Linkedin Logo for Resume Employers would like to know that youre reachable at any moment, not just when youre at home. Dont just concentrate on what youve done previously, but what you really do well and what it is possible t o bring to a prospective employer. Connecting with them can boost your visibility enormously because all of them have many contacts of their very own. Vital Pieces of Linkedin Logo for Resume You will always get recommendations from LinkedIn about jobs you might be interested in, but you could always use the search bar to look for certain positions too. Square icons allow it to be simple for the hiring manager to track down each unique resume section. Get in touch with us to discover how we can assist in improving your profile hit rate and secure more jobs. As soon as your Company Page is created, youll need to upload two versions of your logo. Its crucial then to be certain your LinkedIn Company Page is current with visually appealing graphics. Click the Me link at the very top, then View Profile. Linkedin Logo for Resume Secrets The LinkedIn URL ought to go in the header along with the remainder of your contact details. You will need to return to the Summary editing inter face to eliminate the old resume. Click the little edit next to the URL and youll arrive at the webpage at which you can choose what things to earn public. You have the choice to customize you LinkedIn URL. Lots of people can do just fine with a completely free LinkedIn account, but if youre seriously interested in using LinkedIn and all its fruchtwein advanced features, you might want to upgrade to premium. Including a URL to a lousy LinkedIn profile will do more damage than good. When youre not trying to find work, it can be simple to ignore your LinkedIn profile. Whether youre searching for a new job at this time, you have to have a good presence on LinkedIn.